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Bitcoin Rune

The First Leading Rune service adhering official Bitcoin Rune Standard

What is Bitcoin Rune?

It is the next generation UTXO-based Fungible Token Standard in Bitcoin.

Seamless Integration

Designed to function as UTXO like native tokens on the Bitcoin network.

Improved Scalability

The next generation BRC-20 token standard with enhanced scalability. While BRC-20 is not UTXO-based and rather complex, since it requires use of ordinal theory for some operations. Rune fix it.

Write data with OP_RETURN

As a method of saving data on Bitcoin OP_RETURN script has been grown to the next level. We are now using a standard for regconizing Rune token in OP_RETURN script.

Etch, Mint, Transfer, Burn, and more

We, Bitcoinrunexyz offers an interface for you to do any actions including etch rune, mint rune, transfer rune, burn rune and more in some simple steps.

Official Rune Standard

OP_RETURN Encoding

Transaction Indexing

Security First

Active Support

User Friendly